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Tips on Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney


Truth be told, as the client in an attorney/client relationship, you are the boss. Even so, this can be hindered by the lawyer's in-depth understanding of your case, as well as the point your case has reached. Firing a personal injury attorney is possible, though you need to be cautious and considerate. Read on to find out how to go about this.


Reviewing your account invoice and payment agreement is important. If there was an agreement, it probably has details outlining how to terminate the relationship. A majority of personal injury lawyers operate on a contingency basis, thus he/she can only receive payments from negotiations or awards worn in courts. Requesting an invoice and paying it off is advised. If you cannot settle the amount, the lawyer will later claim his cut from any award achieved with another personal injury attorney.


To avoid being left like a deer in the headlights, hire another lawyer. This ensures you're never left without legal representation that can prejudice your case due to missing crucial deadlines. Doing so additionally helps in wiping out any lingering issues relating to the previous attorney, specifically pertaining to costs and fees.


Sending a certified letter is paramount. Terminating your relationship in writing makes the entire process official and credible. Ensure that you specify the time and date of termination. This helps in avoiding confusion when it comes to your expectations for the lawyer's legal services and his/her claims for costs and fees.


Inform the court


If the case has reached the trial phase, meaning a complaint has already been filed, the court including other parties involved need to be notified of the amendments to your representation. Depending on the progress of your case, the court can deem it fit to have the previous lawyer formally dismissed, and incorporate special pleadings to admit the new one to your case. Ensure you new lawyer is capable of handling this, if need be.


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Getting your file is imperative. Assuming that you have already settled your bill for services rendered, your file belongs to you, and the new attorney like Lannom & Williams will need it to pick up from where the previous lawyer left. However, any disputes about the bill could make acquisition of the bill an arduous task. Should this be the case, ask the new lawyer to assist in negotiations and verify the previous lawyer's share of any eventual settlement or award. The previous attorney could ship the file, though it would be better if you picked it up personally, or through a representative.